The [s4s] Interface

The [s4s] interface is an extension for 4chan's [s4s] board. It can be found at greasyfork and the development can be followed at github.

The interface allows users to post "green posts", or "shadow posts", to [s4s]. These are posts which are only available via the [s4s] interface. [s4s] interface posters additionally have several new options for their green posts: 'ojamajo' which attaches a random character from Ojamajo Doremi to the post, 'numberless' which hides the post's number, 'dinner' which determines whether or not the user is invited to dinner, 'jelly' which attaches a random jellysquishe, 'froge' which attaches a random froge, and new fortunes.

The userscript is developed by Doctor Worse Than Hitler and Kekero, and the server side code is developed by Doctor Worse Than Hitler and hosted here at

To use the interface, you'll need to install a userscript manager such as Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey


The interface was inspired by the following copypasta, which has been floating around [s4s] for years.
The problem is, OP, that you probably aren't seeing all the posts. If you are just viewing [s4s] through the /s4s/ board, you don't see the green posts, the posts with letters in their ids, or anything numberless. Together, those make up about 40-70 percent of [s4s], depending on the day. So conversation will appear disjointed and spastic, because you won't be getting the full picture.

I actually just flipped over to the /s4s/ interface to make this post, and it's pretty funny how unintelligible [s4s] is like this.
The interface was also inspired by an anonymous poster in the season finale thread for the second watch through of the first season of Doremi, hence the inclusion of the 'ojamajo' option.

The interface was released on April 1st, 2018 (as part of Team Mini).


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