credits is mostly ran by Doctor Worse Than Hitler, but several other cuties have helped out. In addition to the content they've contributed, the wonderflel people listed below, and many people not listed, have been the source of much of the kindness, dank maymays, ironings, and love that inspires and drives

the peoplel behind

Yuiposter made the volume control that appears in the top right of pages with music, and is cute!

Bumstead made the flower collages on the flowers page, and is cute!

rip in pieces akari ;_;7 provided most of the info and other content on the yosho page, and is cute!

kekero contributes greatly to the interface's userscript, and is cute!

Le Ruse Bird, 3bard, potato, nah, poopboi, Mikkel, and Yuji Sakai wrote songs featured on some of the webpages, and are cute!

special thanks to:

doremiposter for being a constant source of kindness, fun, and inspiration.

3bard and Orkek for their work on the OC albumes, which have brought me lots of happiness and laughs.

Le Ruse Bird because flowre is a dank maymay.

Jewwy for being nice.

Yuji Sakai for all those nice gifs, even though yuji sakai is the worst namefig.

Anonymous for inspiration, ideas, and because namefigging is bad LOLE!

Yuiposter, Bumstead, rip in pieces akari ;_;7, kekero, and Anonymous for their contributions to and [s4s].